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June 7th, 2010

To Eric and Heather

I have recently found out about your web comic, and I must say, I am quite
pleased with what I see. The story line has me intrigued, and I look
foreword to reading the rest of the comic. The writing is great, and the
artwork is beautiful. I can clearly see that the two of you have clearly
been blessed with artistic talent.
Which leads to my second point of interest. As a fellow Christian, I greatly
appreciate the religious themes in the comic. This is something that sadly,
you don't see often in the Furry community. So, I must say, I am very happy
whenever I see things like this. I also greatly appreciate your fan art
regulations. As with some of the web comics I have read before, some of the
fan art is degrading, and explicit. I like that the fan art can be browsed
without worry of seeing inappropriate things.
So, from me and my family, we thank you for this great comic, and witnessing
in the furry community.
Keep up the great work!

Sincerely, Hunter Boss

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