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The Adventures of Friskella and K'rrzina - Volume 2

That's right, boys and girls! The latest installment of The Adventures of Friskella and K'rrzina is available to order
RIGHT NOW! The cost is $8.00, plus $4.00 for shipping and handling if you live within the United States. The book is almost
80,000 words in length and features three stories:
- The Gemstone of Lorcooker
- The Traveling Star-Circus
- You Can Never Go Back

You can order by PayPal by clicking on the TipJar icon or by making your payment to belfrymanor@bitbwebcomic.com.
(Make sure to send a follow-up e-mail to specify the book you are wanting to order.)
Also, each paperback copy will be personally signed by yours truly and will include some free art postcards featuring artwork
of Friskella and K'rrzina! Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of your order.

(Just tuning in to FnK? Want to get the first Friskella and K'rrzina book and maybe even K'rrzina's first solo novel as well?
E-mail me at belfrymanor@bitbwebcomic.com, for inquiries and save by bundling together your orders!)

Still available!

Friskella and K'rrzina... in their own first, full-length novel!
The novel is 88,089 words long with three stories featuring our favorite space pirate and our favorite albino r'kilirian!
It comes in paperback format, approximately 4.25" x 7" x 0.67" in size, perfect for taking with you wherever you go!
The novel is only $8.00, plus $4.00 for shipping and handling (within the United States - other postage rates may apply for
international orders). If you'd like to order your copy today, simply make your PayPal payment to belfrymanor@bitbwebcomic.com
Include "FNK1" in the notes field of your order and be sure to provide your correct mailing address. Your order should arrive within
2-3 weeks (very likely much sooner).


K'RRZINA- the novel!

If you would like a copy of the K'rrzina novel, simply make a payment of $8 (plus $4 for shipping and handling within the United States),
to belfrymanor@bitbwebcomic.com, specifying in your notes that this is for the K'rrzina novel and you'll receive a copy within 2-3 weeks!

The novel chronicles K'rrzina's very first tale, including her origin, and is 219 pages long. The book is in paperback format and measures
appx. 4 1/4" x 6 3/4" x 5/8", with full-color cover.

Back cover: "It was supposed to have been a simple mission. Something went wrong. The Dark Matters Squad consisted of the
best soldiers that the Freeworlds Interstellar Military had to offer and K'rrzina R'zir was no exception. But when she killed her entire
team on Priatoris III there was no explanation for her actions. As an investigation is launched into the incident, events begin to unfold
that will shed light on the universe's most ruthless killer."


"She's still alive!" came the sudden cry from Dr. Arullan, his stark white eyes wide in contrast with his leathery gray skin.

"What?" the overseer responded, astonished, his wings rustling and extending on instinct. He concentrated on lowering them,
grabbing the microphone from its base, and repeated the question into the chamber.

"Vitals are critical, but she's still alive!"

"That's not possible. I thought we had a confirmed termination!"

"Scan confirmed," the doctor insisted, shrugging helplessly.

The overseer ran into the chamber, Dr. Halifair and Colonel Germetrag following.

"This has never happened before," officer Xeldean remarked, anxiously going through the results with his superior as rapidly as he
could. "The rack has never failed to execute. Should... should I activate it again?"

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