Would you like to be in a full-color five-panel bonus comic of Bat's in the Belfry?
Not a walk-on or background appearance... you're the STAR! Contact us for details!

Would you like to send someone a special message? You can request a full-color pic with
your message to appear alongside an episode Bat's in the Belfry! Contact us for details!

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Eric is taking commissions now! If you are interested in ordering a commissioned work,
please send an e-mail to

Pricing is as follows:


Prices may change if you are requesting multiple characters or a very complex work. If you are interested, please
send an e-mail with the idea for your commissioned work and I will quote you a price.
Requests to do mature artwork will be refused and I retain the right to refuse any request.

Merchandise and commissions may only be purchased for personal use and may not be copied, distributed, altered,
or used for commercial purposes without our express written permission.

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